FIDE’s WORLD CUP ended a few days ago in Tbilisi Georgia .
Grand winner is Armenian GM Aronian. In the big final he managed to defeat his Chinese rival , GM DING LIREN with score 4-2 ( 4 draws in the classical games and 2-0 in rapid games)

The Greek GM Mastrovasilis Dimitrios was disqualified from the event by GM Cheparinov Ivan (Bulgaria )
Score in the classical games 1,5-0,5 for the Bulgarian player .

Georgiadis N -Leko Biel 2017

GM Georgiadis Nico shines at Biel

Nico Georgiadis performed with flying colours at the prestigious 2017 Biel GM Tournament scoring 5/9
He narrowly lost the final game vs the World Woman Champion Hou Yifan , had he won though he would have finished on the 1st place !
Congratulations Nico and we wish you to keep up in such brilliant fashion !

Malikentzos-O’ Gorman 1-0 2017

Georgiadis N-Caruana F 1/2 !

Analysed games by GM Georgiadis Nico

Georgiadis Nico gains the GM title !

Georgiadis Nico managed to surpass the 2500 elo barrier by winning Kapnisis S at the F8 cup game thus achieving the most wanted GM title ! The win proved  decisive for the outcome of the match since Thessaloniki’s club won Nikea by 2.5-1.5 and moved to the F4 phase  where eventually finished 2nd .

We want to congratulate Nico on his success and wιsh him all the best for the years to come !

He will analyse two of his games, one vs Kapnisis and vs Caruana F ( GM 2807 ) number 3 at the World Fide ranking !

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