48o Greek Team Championship 2021

The Greek Team Championship for the year 2021 is separated in two sections . The south sections finished in the beginning of September in Athens and two teams won the ticket for the F4 ,Evoiki and Nikaia .

48ο Πανελλήνιο Ομαδικό Πρωτάθλημα Ελλάδος / Νότιος Όμιλος – Νικήτρια η Ευβοϊκή, 2ος ο “Φυσιολάτρης” « ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΣΚΑΚΙΣΤΙΚΗ ΟΜΟΣΠΟΝΔΙΑ (chessfed.gr)

The north section will be held in Thessaloniki from 5th to 10th of October at hotel Porto Palace .Another 2 teams will get the ticket for the F4 .

In total 14 teams will be demoted to the lower league and 20 will remain on the high league for year 2022.

4th Sharjah Masters UAE

The 4th and extremely powerful Sharjah Masters closed tournament started in UAE .

The organizer  is GM Stratos Grivas , from our club two players are participating ,GM Mastrovasilis D (2615) and IM Zawadzka Jolanta

Both players started well ,the pairings of the 3rd round you can see on

Chess-Results Server Chess-results.com – 4th Sharjah Masters ICC – 2021

Finally the live streaming is manned by GM Papaioannou Ioannis