Zawadzka J. 2nd in Polish Women Championship 2021

The Chess Polish Championships of 2021 were organized  from 28.04 to 08.05 .The majority  of the elite Polish players participated and fought otb featuring  great overall conditions and prizes !

Our Zawadzka Jolanta(member of ESTH)  was leading the event with a game to finish but unfortunately lost the critical last round to finish second behind Kulon who grabbed the chance.

In the men section we had instead of round robin system ,a knock out system in which Wojtaszek R. ( also member of ESTH) prevailed !

Surname, Name Rating Pts
1. Kulon, Klaudia 2347 6.0
2. Zawadzka, Jolanta 2399 5.5
3. Cyfka, Karina 2415 5.5
4. Majdan, Joanna 2325 5.5
5. Rajlich, Iweta 2394 5.0

Congratulations to both of our players !