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KCF (Kasparov Chess Foundation) Launches New Ambitious Chess Online Courses

The KCF ( Kasparov Chess Foundation) is launching soon a new and high quality ambitious chess course !

Starting on January and ending on June 2024 the four (4)  level online chess courses from elit experienced trainers include

  • Digital learning materials
  • KCF Certified Excellence
  • Bonus Special guest interviews with chess stars

Kasparov’s chess academy combines experience &high quality and gives the opportunity to every chess lover to explore a great journey to knowledge and self improvence !

For more info contact the head of the project : GM &SFT Mikhalchisin A or member of the project GM Mastrovasilis Athanasios (subscribe as for example : George Papadopoulos                    ( Athanasios-referring to myself) and of course the official site :

Home – Kasparov Chess Foundation Academy (

Good luck to the KCF project

GM Mastrovasilis Athanasios


Mastrovasilis D at Baku’s 2023 World Cup

Baku is hosting the prestigious World Cup 2023 Chess event starting tomorrow 30th of July !

The tournament under FIDE’s aegis  is the most important of the year granding qualification to the winners of both sections to the candidates  and big prizes ,1,9m $ to men and 700.00$ to women ! Elit players are participating, Carlsen Caruana Nakamura Grischuk  Ju Wenjun  Kosteniuk Muzuchuk , strong support from elit players led FIDE granting wild card to legendary V Ivanchuk  surpassing all the problems due to the war .

206 players at the open section and 103 women in total participating ,among them GM Mastrovasilis D,elit Greek national member  who has qualified for the third time in his rich career .

photo GM Bartel

We wish him good luck ! Many exciting games coming up soon !

6th Sharjar Invitational Open 2023

6th Sharjah Masters 2023 about to begin! The strongest invitational open in chess history! Stay tuned.  ”GM Grivas ”


The strongest ever elite invitational is about to start at Sharjar UAE, 48 players over 2600 elo and in total 77 players over 2500 !

Good luck to the Greek GMs Dimitrios Mastrovasilis and Theodorou Nikolaos as well to Zawadzka Jolanta who participates in the challengers section !

Finally there is a 3rd section for talanted players

Good luck to GM Grivas E who is organising the event !

Stratos is working abroad for many years (Turkey ,UAE)  and is a renowned and successful trainer ,in 1998 at Elista Olympiad he won the silver medal on the 3rd board of the Greek National team !