6th Sharjar Invitational Open 2023

6th Sharjah Masters 2023 about to begin! The strongest invitational open in chess history! Stay tuned.  ”GM Grivas ”


The strongest ever elite invitational is about to start at Sharjar UAE, 48 players over 2600 elo and in total 77 players over 2500 !


Good luck to the Greek GMs Dimitrios Mastrovasilis and Theodorou Nikolaos as well to Zawadzka Jolanta who participates in the challengers section !


Finally there is a 3rd section for talanted players


Good luck to GM Grivas E who is organising the event !

Stratos is working abroad for many years (Turkey ,UAE)  and is a renowned and successful trainer ,in 1998 at Elista Olympiad he won the silver medal on the 3rd board of the Greek National team !