Youth Greek Team Championships ! ESTH is the new champion !

Thessaloniki’s Youth team is the winner of the  11th Youth Team Championship for 2018 with a perfect winning strike of 6/6 !

The tournament took place at the Filippion Hotel of Thessaloniki . The best Greek Youth participated and fought for the top places !

Our team managed to conquer the Youth Team Greek title  performing very well in  all six boards

We would like to congratulate all our players :

1st board Vlachos Anatole

2nd board Kazakos Markos & Tsarsitalidis Konstantinos

3rd board Stoimenidis Dimitris & Koutlas

4th board Tsarsitalidis Hristos

5th board Pasglou Nikoleta

6th board Tzovani Dimitra  and the captain and trainer of the team : GM Mastrovasilis Athanasios and his second Dorfanis Aris

Our academies are working hard the last years ,the results are visible ,our goal is to remain at the very top for the years to follow and improve Thessaloniki’s chess level ! Congrats once more to players trainers and parents for their support and help !

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